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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded subscriber identification module) is a SIM card which is embedded directly into a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet.
An eSIM, which has the same function as a physical SIM card, can identify users in order to provide access to multimedia services.
Virtual SIM cards and their new functionalities give users more flexibility and independence.

How is an eSIM installed?

Users can activate their eSIM profile on a compatible device by scanning a QR code generated by their operator.
Existing customers can begin the migration to an eSIM in the “MOBILE” section of the mynet+ portal. New customers can select their SIM of choice (physical or virtual) when they order online or at one of our net+ partners.

When and why should I move to an eSIM?

With an eSIM, you no longer have to rely on your physical SIM card to connect to your mobile network. There is no risk of losing or forgetting it; your eSIM follows you wherever you go.
eSIMs are strongly recommended when using several phone numbers on the same device (dual SIM).

SIM cards / eSIM

Yes, net+ does offer this option.
Therefore, it is possible to use an eSIM with a smart watch.
For more information, click here.

Once your QR code has been scanned, you should be able to access your mobile services within a few seconds.

You cannot migrate from an eSIM to a physical SIM card in your customer area.

To start the process, you will need to contact your local partner.

Please note that this process will cost CHF 49.

Downloading a new eSIM is free as long as you are already an eSIM user.

If you would like to migrate to an eSIM, you must be absolutely sure that the device you intend to use is compatible with eSIMs.

Furthermore, when migrating from a SIM card to an eSIM, the device in question must be connected to the internet (via a Wi-Fi network or a mobile network if the device has a second SIM card).

Finally, make sure you are able to display your QR code in order to scan it with your device (e.g. on a second screen or a printout).

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