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Discover Combo: the new bli bla blo offers

Adapt Internet speed, TV style, mobile subscription and many other services while enjoying the Combo advantages. You'll enjoy an enriched and personalised multimedia experience that's tailored to your needs.
With bli bla blo, devour multimedia at your own pace!

Check out our offers and get advice from your local partner or personalise your package straight away using our online ordering service below (in French).

Then this is the offer for you! bli bla blo tailors its mobile subscriptions to young adults and children. They can enjoy the advantages of MobiLover Soft for CHF 18/month, MobiLover Smart for CHF 28/month or MobiLover Unlimited for CHF 38/month.


Take advantage of our ultra-fast speeds to enjoy unlimited downloads and surf without slowing down.

  • Ultra-fast download: up to 10 Gbit/s with fibre-optic cable (500 Mbit/s coaxial cable)
  • Up to 5 email addresses
  • Free parental web control option


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Mobile TV

La TV à emporter partout

With the Mobile TV app, enjoy interactive television on all your screens at home and on the road throughout Switzerland

  • Access to more than 110 national and international channels
  • Up to 7 days of Replay TV
  • Up to 1,000 hours of recording
  • TV guide, suggestions and information on programmes
  • Watch programmes on your TV via Chromecast or AirPlay


FAQ Combo

Combo offers

Yes, the MobiLiker subscription is available in the personalisation section of the online order.

Yes, by using the "Cast" or "Airplay" function present on your Smart TV or Apple TV. If this function is not available, it is necessary to use a Google Chromecast accessory available on the market.

Yes, you can subscribe to one or two landlines at the personalisation stage of the Combo Pack (in the online ordering process), or directly from your local net+ distributor.

No. For reasons of broadcasting rights, TV packages and films on demand (VOD) are not available for customers with a TV box.

All channels, including those of subscribed packages, are accessible on the application. However, due to broadcasting rights reasons, viewing of some channels is not available on the mobile application.

For channels that do not allow mobile watching, however, you can view synopses and schedule recordings when available.


The Wi-Fi option is activated automatically. It can be deactivated in the MYNET+ customer area.

To prevent your email boxes from being flooded with annoying messages, net+ has set up a filter to automatically sort your incoming emails. You can decide how to handle these messages: either moving them to a specific "spam" folder or deleting them directly. You can access all of the configuration options in the Webmail tool.  

The maximum storage space per email address is 1 GB. The maximum size of each email is limited to 15 MB (sending and receiving). 

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