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1st place in mobile telephony in Switzerland

For the third time since the launch of its mobile offering in 2018, net+ has been named the best mobile provider in Switzerland. This was the result of a survey of 11,000 users. The ranking of telecommunications service providers comes from the largest annual survey on telecommunications in Swiss households.

From MobiLiker for occasional users to the unlimited MobiLover subscription with roaming and unlimited allowances for super-connected users: you’re sure to find the right deal for you!

What’s more, your  BLI BLA BLO subscription gives you a CHF 10.- discount on your mobile subscription!  

Take advantage of our unbeatable offer and make unlimited calls to all Swiss landline network!

Your benefits : Free unlimited calls (24hrs/day) to the Swiss network (landline and mobile), Le Bouclier call blocking service protects you from unwanted calls, online management of your bills and many more !

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