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With MySports you will live sports like never before

The new Swiss sports channel MySports will provide you a great offer with a wide range of sports including live events and exceptional coverage of your favorite clubs and favorite sports.

MySports at net+ is:

  • MySports F et MySports D, a free channel, available as part of the basic package to all of our TV customers, with Swiss Swiss League championship ice hockey matches every week and additional sports content.
  • MySports Pro, the Premium TV packages a must for the fans of ice hockey, Swiss sports and international competitions. MySports Pro will offer many exclusives including all the Swiss ice hockey, Swiss handball, Swiss Basketball championships as well as the Bundesliga. The premium package will be continually enriched with additional sports content. 
    The advantage of MySports Pro give access to the best sports channels for the price of 25 .- / month.
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MySports is the new Swiss sports channel which will be available with net+ TV packages. It holds several exclusive broadcasting rights for instance the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) via SUISSEDIGITAL, the association of Swiss cable operators, of which net+ is a member.

MySports will broadcast live sport (Swiss championship ice hockey and other sports) and will have its own reports (in French and in German).

There will be a basic channel and a premium package. The basic channel will be available as part of the basic TV package and can be watched by all existing net+ network members for no extra cost.

The premium package channels will be accessible to all net+ customers who have a set-top box and will be able to watch all the Swiss NLA championship ice hockey matches live. The definitive price for the premium package has not been finalised yet.

The combination of an included basic channel and a premium package will make MySports a unique product in Switzerland.

The new sports channel will broadcast full and exclusive content about Swiss ice hockey, with live NLA matches (championship and play-offs), commentaries in French, plus recaps, analyses, reaction and news from the MySports experts.

To round off the programme, it will broadcast the Swiss national hockey team matches, NLB matches, the women's hockey A league matches and M20 matches.

The channel is currently working on expanding its content by adding different sports from Switzerland and abroad.

The rights holders, which include net+, will be the only ones able to broadcast all the NLA matches and certain NLB matches for the 2017/2018 season and for five seasons.

To follow all of the 2017/2018 season, Swisscom TV customers and those of other providers in French-speaking Switzerland will need to enter into a contract with one of the net+ suppliers.

MySports will be available from suppliers of net+ products. The basic channel will be available as part of all our TV packages and can therefore be watched by existing customers without any additional cost. In addition, customers will be able to subscribe to the MySports premium package.

MySports will begin broadcasting during September 2017.

net+ customers will be able to watch both the MySports basic channel using the net+ TV Mobile app.