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Download to Go

Download TV content directly to your tablet or smartphone !

What is Download to Go?

Download to Go is a new feature of the net+ Mobile TV application. It is a very useful function that lets you download certain TV content directly to your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android). Once you have downloaded your favourite content, you will be able to watch it anywhere offline – whether on a train, plane or even from abroad.

How it works

The content is downloaded and stored locally on your device (smartphone or tablet) and can only be played back using the net+ Mobile TV application.
You can watch and manage downloaded content only on the device where the content was downloaded.
The available storage space depends on the capacity of your device. There are no limits in terms of download quota or validity in connection with your subscription. Content can be deleted manually using the application and will be deleted automatically when the application is uninstalled

Content available for download

Programmes available on Replay TV or found in your list of personal recordings can be downloaded. This feature is available only for free-to-air content, not for pay TV bundles. This covers most of the basic channels included in your subscription. You will need to have an internet connection to download content. Offline playback is then possible.

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Archiving function

The archiving function requires a TV subscription option and can only be used for recordings. Its main purpose is to extend the validity of a recording beyond the limit of 4 months before it is deleted automatically. This feature is also available for bundles and requires a subscription to the “A la folie” offer or the Combo offer with set-top box option.
The available space, currently limited to 20 hours, is for all of the devices in a household combined, including the set-top box. An internet connection is required to play back an archived recording.

The archiving function is used, for example, to store and repeatedly watch popular films (James Bond, Frozen, etc.).

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Download To Go function

Downloading content requires a personal device (smartphone or tablet). This function is not available from the set-top box. Each member of a household can manage their own library of content without it being visible on other devices in the same household. This feature is designed to let you watch your favourite content offline, so it’s the ideal solution when you are travelling or abroad.

For example, to prepare for travelling abroad or for a long trip, you can download films and series to a tablet or smartphone so they can be watched offline.

What do I need to do?

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1. Download your content

Select your content and then press the «Télécharger» (Download) button. The content will then be downloaded locally to your device.

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2. View your content

To view content, select the «Enregistrements» (Recordings) menu in your net+ Mobile TV application, then the «Téléch.» (Download) tab and start playing the content you want to watch.

Download the TV Mobile app

The app is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices.

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