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Sateldranse S.A. is a limited company that serves the Entremont municipalities (Bagnes, Vollèges, Sembrancher, Orsières, Liddes and Bourg-St-Pierre). Its main priorities are the construction, maintenance and management of the cable network.

Sateldranse S.A. - which is ISO 9001 and 14001-certified and the 2012 Valais Excellence winner - strives to continually improve its network and services so that every resident benefits from service quality that matches that found in large urban cities. As such, the network quality is as good in the small village of Rive-Haute as it is in the international ski resort of Verbier. This is because we value the living conditions of residents as much as we value the comfort of vacationers.

Today, the company retains a certain proximity with customers but it is also now adopting the brand name of the products it markets under the net+ Entremont name.  

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