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Roaming Travel smart, travel in peace!

If you are planning trips abroad and want to stay connected, bli bla blo will accompany you and has several options that mean you can make the most of each moment. You can get reliable network coverage in over 200 countries.   

Our MobiLover subscriptions already include roaming in Region A countries and MobiLover Unlimited includes calls (incoming and outgoing) from region A to region A, from region A to CH and from CH to zone 1.

If you need more data, whether it’s for surfing the web or making a call, you can subscribe to one of the data packages directly from the customer area or your cockpit.      

Find details of mobile options and rates in CH and abroad here (in FR) : List of rates

Our roaming charges depend on where you call from
The call and data rates that apply abroad depend on where you are travelling. Choose your destination country and we will tell you the charges that apply as well as the available options

your local specialists