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The Toonami & Adult Swim bundle hosts the best animations and TV series (Rick & Morty, The Eric Andre Show, Robot Chicken), as well as the best DC, Marvel and even Japanese superhero shows (Harley Quinn, Batman, Dragon Ball Super).
It gives you access to the Toonami (137) channel, as well as all on-demand Adult Swim and Toonami Max content via the menu of your set-top box*.

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Toonami & Toonami Max

Calling all superhero fans, Toonami offers pure entertainment with the best DC (Batman, Superman, Young Justice) and Marvel (Spiderman and Ironman) animated films and series, the most badass superheroines (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman), the biggest Japanese anime superheroes (Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia), and the wrestling superpowers of the AEW league.

Toonami is available on channel 137 and its SVOD (Toonami Max)* offer offers previews and season integrals!

Adult Swim

Adult Swim offers animated content and TV series. Here, you will find cult series such as Rick & Morty, Samurai Jack, Robot Chicken and Final Space, not to mention the imminent arrival of off-the-wall Eric André.
Adult Swim features never-before-seen and exclusive content. Each week, a new series and new episodes are added to the offer.

Adult Swim is an SVOD offer (video-on-Demand)*.

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* Further information
Toonami + Adult Swim – CHF 3.- per month
When you subscribe to this bundle, you will have access to the Toonami channel (137).
In addition to this channel, you can enjoy all on-demand Adult Swim and Toonami Max content (SVOD) from the dedicated menu on your set-top box.