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TV bundles

Sports, entertainment, youth programming: our thematic bundles allow you to enjoy all your favourite channels to your heart’s content. You can also discover our language bundles, including English, Portuguese, Albanian, Russian and Arabic.
Subscribe to the bundles of your choice directly from your TV box or your MYNET+ customer area.



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Unique moments to share with your family

Youth: Humorous programmes and animations for all
Documentaries: Documentaries and reports to educate the family
Cinema: More than 300 new films per year
Series: Original CANAL+ series and creations 

CHF 19/month

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Top sports competitions live and in Replay

Football: The best of football, with the Premier League and the Ligue 1 Uber Eats, the UEFA Champions League* and the UEFA Europa League*
Motorsports: 100% of MotoGP TM, Formula 1 TM, World Rally Championship and Formula E
Tennis: 100% of Grand Slam tournaments and Masters 1000
Other: the biggest golf tournaments, the NHL, the big boxing nights

*Only available in Romandie

CHF 19/month / CHF 25.-/month

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The ultimate offer for film and series fans

Cinema: Over 350 never-before-seen films and over 2,500 blockbusters and classics per year
Series: New series just after the US, CANAL+ Original Creations, all HBO series

CHF 25/month

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Why choose when you can have everything?

The three offers in one - CANAL+ SPORT, CINÉ SÉRIES and FAMILLE: simply LA TOTALE!

CHF 55/month

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Cartoon+ is THE bundle for children aged 3 to 12! Here, you will find the funniest Cartoon Network superheroes, the stars of the best Boomerang cartoons and the hilarious adventurers on Boing.

CHF 3 per month
3 channel and more than 1200 unlimited and on demand content in French (SVOD)

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Toonami & Adult Swim

Sit back and enjoy the adventures of the DC, Marvel and Japanese superheroes on Toonami. Or head over to Adult Swim to enjoy unlimited access to the best animations and TV series for adults.

CHF 3 per month
1 channel + and more than 400 unlimited and on demand content in French (SVOD)

Language bundles

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This bundle features various Portuguese channels ranging from sport on A Bola TV and Porto Canal to TV series on TVI Ficçao, and also includes the general channel TVI Internacional.

CHF 10 per month
 4 channels in Portuguese

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TVSH Sat, Kohavision, RTV 21, Klan Kosova, Arta: bring the best Albanian TV channels to your living room.

CHF 15 per month
 5 channels in Albanian

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à la carte

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Portugal’s foremost commercial TV channel. Programmes for the whole family, including game shows, TV series, news and sport.

CHF 5 per month
1 channel in Portuguese

for adults

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The intoxicating world of Dorcel’s channels provides the perfect night-time viewing experience. For fans of unmissable charm and outstandingly sexy adult entertainment.

CHF 15 per month
 2 channels in French

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