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UHD set-top box

In addition to its compact design and its ergonomic remote control, our UHD digital set-top box-recorder offers advanced features that will make your everyday life easier. Watching TV will be an entirely new experience.

The Box

To stop recording, select the channel that you want to stop recording and then press on the [REC] button and press [REC] again as shown on the screen. If you don't stop a recording manually, it will automatically stop at the end of the scheduled recording time. In addition, you can watch a different programme than the one being recorded.

You have correctly programmed your recording, yet the end of your show has been cut off! The information in the TV programme guide - which is provided by the channels - can sometimes be inaccurate. To avoid such inconveniences, record the following programme. And if it hasn't occurred to you, watch the show that follows the show that was cut short using replay TV. In the event of a slight broadcast delay, the beginning of the latter show will contain the end of the previous programme.

With the set-top box, you can record 2 or more shows simultaneously.

The set-top box allows you to organise the sequence of the channels any way you want.

Three options are available in the "Settings" menu:

  • You can assign an order number to each channel
  • You can hide the channels that don't interest you
  • You can create a list of your favourite channels

Make sure that the channel is not hidden in MENU / Settings / Manage the channel list or launch a channel search from the same menu.

The set-top box has a 320 GB hard drive or access to a centralised recording server. It enables you to record shows and films without the need for additional equipment (VCR or DVD recorder). Using your remote control, recording is very easy and intuitive. The main channels can be recorded. This is also the case for the channels included in the digital packages you have subscribed to. You cannot save the contents of the VOD (video on demand) film catalogue.

The set-top box is the property of your network. Its rental is included in the monthly subscription. When you cancel your subscription, you must give it back.

The box offers many advantages that a traditional television doesn't have. It has a multitude of practical and user-friendly features such as a live pause function, programme recording, film rentals, the ability to re-watch your favourite shows with replay TV, access to extra channels, parental control, access to a programme guide, etc.

To connect several televisions, you need to have several set-top boxes.

Yes, you can do this if you're a BLI BLA BLO customer.

Yes. Teletext information from the various channels is available on the set-top box. Your remote control's TXT button will allow you to access this information from the set-top box. 

Each set-top box will be able to access the recordings of the family account. However, the recording capacity is shared by all of the household's set-top boxes (it's not cumulative according to the number of set-top boxes). 

You will find the programmes that you recorded by pressing on your remote control's [MENU] button, then on [My TV recordings].