Network and infrastructure

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Cable network

Our cable network allows you to access the best in multimedia entertainment via any of your home’s adapted wall sockets. Coaxial cable technology ensures optimal service quality and offers many benefits:

  • A high-speed broadband connection at up to 500 Mbit/s
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Over 120 digital TV and radio channels
  • Only one subscription is required for all of your home’s TVs
  • Your phone line and TV programmes are available while you’re connected without any decrease in performance

To get connected to the cable network or to add additional wall sockets to an existing connection, please contact your local BLI BLA BLO  distributor.

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Fibre-optic network

Surf at the speed of light
Are downloading times bringing you down? Do you want to surf at the speed of light? Then shift into turbo mode with a fibre optic connection! Thanks to the large fibre-optic network they’ve deployed, net+’s partners can offer powerful, high-performing internet with download speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s.
From a technical standpoint, optical fibre is a glass wire – as thin as a human hair – that conveys information in the form of a high-speed light signal over long distances and without any loss of quality.
As of today, it’s a technology of the future and the only one that’s able to offer virtually unlimited speeds. Its use is becoming increasingly widespread for providing access to digital services such as the internet, telephony and television.  
To find out if you’re connected to the fibre-optic network, simply contact one of our nearby distributors.