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Connect free of charge to millions of Wi-Fi internet access points in Switzerland and abroad thanks to the net+ Fon collaborative Wi-Fi network!

Simple and secure operation
If the net+ Fon option has been activated, you are automatically part of the big Fon community. You can use your ID to access any Fon hotspot in the world.  
Sharing the network is completely secure. net+ Fon Wi-Fi uses a second network that is completely separate from your devices. This principle avoids the transmission of sensitive information such as your Wi-Fi password or personal data. Even better, your bandwidth is unaffected and your internet speed remains the same.  
Not a fan of this feature? Simply go to your MYNET+ portal and disable it.   

More than 20 million hotspots worldwide
This map provides details of the millions of Fon hotspots available around the world. Their locations are based on data downloaded by members. The precise location is about 20 metres away from the pin for confidentiality reasons. This map is updated every 24 hours.  

The benefits of Fon

  • Unlimited surfing: completely secure and free of charge in Switzerland and around the world
  • Saves money by avoiding roaming charges when abroad
  • Easy connection via your net+ ID

Enjoy a 100% local ultra-fast Internet connection.

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