Cartoon+ Toonami & Adult Swim

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Watch the best cartoons from the comfort of your living room with the new “Cartoon+” and “Toonami & Adult Swim” bundles!

Cartoon+ is THE bundle for children aged 3 to 12!
Here, you will find the funniest Cartoon Network superheroes (Teen Titans Go!, Pomme et Oignon, Ben 10), the stars of the best Boomerang cartoons (Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry) and the hilarious adventurers on Boing (Les Lapins Crétins, Les As de la Jungle).

CHF 3 per month

Toonami & Adult Swim is the bundle for those looking for adventure.
Sit back and enjoy the adventures of the DC, Marvel and Japanese superheroes (Harley Quinn, Batman, Dragon Ball Super) on Toonami. Or head over to Adult Swim to enjoy unlimited access to the best animations and TV series for adults (Rick & Morty, The Eric Andre Show, Robot Chicken).

CHF 3 per month