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About us

net+ Fribourg emerged in 2012 as a result of a partnership between Group E, Gruyère Energie and IB-Murten. The company provides Fribourg's residents with access to television, the internet and landline phone service. net+ Fribourg's products are available for various communication technologies (cable, optical fibre and DSL networks), allowing for almost complete coverage of the Fribourg canton.

Thanks to its use of advanced technologies, its rigorous customer follow-up and - to a great extent - its proximity, net+ Fribourg is able to provide its customers with innovative products and services with the best terms the market can offer.

The fact that net+ Fribourg is now a player in the canton's telecommunications sectors is due to the company's continual efforts to innovate since its launch - all while benefiting from the expertise of S.A.'s network in French-speaking Switzerland. As a result, net+ Fribourg is proud to: provide its services to over 16,000 homes and businesses, have over 20 retail outlets in the canton, have a bilingual call centre and employ over 25 employees.

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